50 B.C. Julius Caesar set a fleet at the confluence of the Oise and the Seine rivers. Boatmen were called Cassis Anderitianorum. Roman occupation during 450 years.

500 Clovis gives the domain of Andresy to the Chapter of Paris.

780 Carolus Magnus warrants to the Chapter of Paris the ownership of the land of Andrésy.

1250 The church of Saint Germain d'Andresy starts being build.

1309 King Philippe le Bel confirms the ownership of the Paris Canons Chapter on Andrésy.

1425 Andrésy suffers the consequences of the "hundred years" war.

1467 King Louis XI confirms the ownership of the Paris Canon Chapter on Andrésy.

1477 De l'Isle first mentioned as Lord of Andrésy.

1670 King Louis XIV's children live in Andresy, in the castle of the Lady de Marsan.

1785 King Louis XVI writes in his private diary : "hart hunting at Lotty" (l'Hautil, near Andresy).

1789 Andresy citizens present their 'Book of complaints".

1814 and 1815 English and Prussian troops take possession of Andresy.

1875 Creation of the first municipal library in Andresy.

1890 Workers building the railway from Argenteuil to Mantes discover in Andresy 402 sarcophagus, part of them merovingians, part carolingians

1892 Railmway Argenteuil-Mantes being used.

1894 Works for water supply in Andresy, public and private use.

1897 Gas lightning in the major streets of Andresy.

1898 Hello, hello, first words of the first suscribers to telephone network.

1899 Amont of direct taxes in Andresy : 56 229.30 french francs.

1900 1310 inhabitants and 203 farms in Andresy. Speed of automobiles is limited by law : 10 km/h.

1903-1911 The belle Otéro using to swimm in the Seine river, attracting people...

1910 Catastrophic flooding of the Seine river (24,10 m the 21th of march)

1913 First bicycle race through Andresy : the "Polymultipliée".

1920-1939 The bars "guinguettes" located in the Island of Andresy welcome the anglers and earn money. About 150 boats of fishers in Andresy on week-ends.

1924 Electricity enters the houses for domestic lightning.

1931 Paris Chamber of Commerce opens a new apprentice school.

1936 Aquatic Sports Club created and located in the Island (Ile du Devant).

1940 German troops take possession of Andresy.

1944 Strong bombing on bridges around the confluence.After four years of German occupation, Andresy get freedom on august 29...

1949 The church of Andresy acknowledged as a landmark, "historical monument".

2000 12 621 inhabitants in Andresy, multiplied by ten within one century...