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French cultural society

Saint Exupery center General manager : Gabriel DUPUY
34 avenue des Robaresses 78570 ANDRESY France
Tel (33) 1 39 74 91 65
E-mail : Club Historique d'Andrésy

The group "History of Andresy" (Club historique d'Andrésy) gives here voice to one's of the Andresy's old buildings, the former city Hall (presented in the photo…).
"I was born in 1820, under the reign of Louis the 18th. Then I used to share my time -and my room- between birth/wedding registrations and school teaching. Some records ? Yes, sure ! By 1892, the railway reached our village. It disturbed my tranquility with its noise and smoke. Summer 1909 : I saw the "Belle Otero" somewhat naked as she was swimming in the Seine River. I also watched Julien Green's walks in the shade of the Limes promenade. During winter 1910, extraordinary flooding let me standing deep in the water. What a sneeze ! In that time Marcel Allain lived in Andresy and wrote his first book about "Fantomas" story. Then came the "Belle Epoque". Parisians workers wearing caps and bourgeois with "canotiers" (the name of their hats) went and fished in Andresy on summer week-ends. They used to drink the Ginglet local wine in the bars on the island (the guinguettes), just in front of my door. I retired thirty years ago, being replaced by a new building. But, you know, I still provide pictures for beautiful dreams to Sunday walkers and lovers of old poscards".

John D Porracchia

In our city lived also Lise Delamare, Annie Ducaux, Bernard Lancret, Mouloudji, Ivry Gitlis. Andresy, a french village near Paris, has a rich history. We have written some books to tell 20 centurys of local history. Old people tell us how they live in the beginning of 20th century.

Where is Andrésy ?

You can see on the map Andresy and Maurecourt, the same city before 1791.
Andresy story :
great events.